Water centrifugal pump maintenance


School for simple water centrifugal pump structure, should first ensure that the pump rated within the scope of use, can't idle motion, then pay attention to avoid cavitation and steam bound phenomenon, strengthen the patrol, timely replacement of worn sealing parts, the need to pay attention to when using the following, to master the correct method of use and can prolong the service life of pump.
(1) check whether there is any loose phenomenon on water centrifugal pump pipe road and the junction.Turn the water centrifugal pump with the hand, and proved water centrifugal pump is flexible.
(2) to the bearing body join bearing lubrication oil, should observe the oil level in oil mark the centerline, lubricating oil should be timely replacement or supplement.
(3) the screw centrifugal pump the water pump body of water diversion plug, pouring water diversion.
(4) close out of the water gate and export of pipeline pressure gauge.
(5) the motor running, wuxi welded pipe and proved motor steering is correct.
(6) to start the motor, after the clear water of the normal operation of centrifugal pump, open the outlet pressure gauge depending on the show after appropriate pressure, gradually open the gate valve, check the motor load condition at the same time.
(7) to control the water flow and head of centrifugal pump on the signs indicate that, within the scope of the centrifugal pump to ensure the running at peak efficiency, to achieve maximum energy saving effect.
(8) water centrifugal pump in the process of operation, the bearing temperature cannot exceed ambient temperature 35 ℃, wuxi welded pipe the highest temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.
(9) in case of abnormal sound of a water centrifugal pump should immediately stop check.
(10) water centrifugal pump to stop using, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, then stop the motor.
(11) water centrifugal pump in the first months of work, the oil change 100 hours, every 500 hours, after oil change at a time.
(12) often adjust the packing gland, packing materials indoor drip situation is normal.
(13) regularly check the wear condition of shaft sleeve, wear after the larger should be replaced in a timely manner.
(14) water centrifugal pump during the winter season, when using the parking, the lower part of pump body must be drain plug unscrewed the net medium.To prevent the frost crack.
(15) water centrifugal pump stopping wuxi welded pipe for a long time, the pump must be opened entirely, dry moisture, rotating parts and junction are coated with grease packed, safekeeping.

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